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Dr. Thomas Wright MD RVT FACP, Medical director of Laser Lipo and Vein Center will hold an informal and free seminar about causes and treatment options for Lipedema. O’Fallon, MO- Thursday, November 9, 2017 at Staybridge Suites in O’Fallon Missouri at 9:30am, Dr. Thomas Wright will hold an informal educational seminar about Lipedema.
Lipedema also known as “Painful Fat Syndrome” is a disease that is underappreciated and often misdiagnosed. The disease affects ten percent of women. It causes fat to be swollen and disproportionate primarily in the lower limbs and can spread to the abdomen and arms. Many women who suffer from Lipedema are not aware that they are actually being affected by this disease, and rather think that they are just overweight or obese. Wright will discuss causes and stages of Lipedema as well as how Lipedema is diagnosed. He will also discuss conservative treatment options such as diet and supplements, physical therapy, and compression Surgical options such as lymph sparing suction lipectomy will also be discussed. Wright is one of the few surgeons in the country who diagnoses patients with Lipedmea and performs the lymph sparing lipectomy surgery. The event is expected to last about three hours, and is free of charge. Attendees will then have the opportunity to be evaluated for Lipedema on Thursday afternoon or on Friday. Insurance will be billed for the evaluation, or patients may opt to pay out of pocket for the evaluation. Those who chose to be evaluated will also have an opportunity to discuss treatment options both conservative, and surgical with Wright. Representatives from Tactile Medical, makers of the Flexitouch compression pump, and from Sigvaris compression garments will also be attending the event to speak with attendees about conservative treatment options. A light lunch will be served following the event. A block of rooms is reserved at a discounted rate for out of town attendees at the Staybridge Suites. For more information or to RSVP for the event, please call Laser Lipo and Vein Center at 636-397-4012. To reserve a room at Staybridge Suites for this event please call 636-300-0999.


Instagram Star with 70 Inch Butt Diagnosed with Lipedema

A little-recognized disorder, lipedema, may be responsible, says a local expert. Lipedema makes you look like you’ve been eating too much when in fact, your fat cells are retaining fluids and growing exponentially larger than normal because of this condition.

Instagram star Randalin has is someone with lipedema who is not shy about her large hips and thighs from lipedema. In fact Randalin seems to have embraced her shape and see her curves as assets.

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Maybe being fat isn’t your fault: A look at lipedema

On the tv show The Doctors, lipedema has once again come up. This time it’s with someone who’s big behind has made her a star. This isn’t the first time I’ve run into Raylynn on the internet. I came across her picture elsewhere, where people were less kind about her body type. I went to her Instagram account and could instantly tell what she had was lipedema. It’s just so obvious with the tiny waist and flat stomach. You can see her arms getting slightly bigger now too. Anyhow, on this The Doctors segment, they have plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon do a brief exam on Raylynn and he diagnosed her with this horrible condition. I’m actually excited about this particular diagnosis because she’s an internet celebrity and this is going to make some rounds. Her fans are going to talk about this episode thus talk about lipedema. I feel we’re one step closer to the right direction.

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Column: The ‘Disease They Call Fat’ Misunderstood, Misdiagnosed

Koehrer is indeed struggling with extra weight. The additional pounds the 74-year-old Montgomery woman carries in her legs, thighs and midsection, however, are not the result of poor lifestyle choices but rather an incurable and chronically progressive disease that causes painful accumulations of fat which will not respond to diet or exercise.

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Mikel Ruffinelli Woman With The Largest Hip In The World

Mikel Ruffinelli is a woman born 43 years ago, at first she was a normal woman like most women, has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 180 pounds. But it changed drastically when she gave birth to her first child, her weight increased 56 pounds, and strangely again the weight gain is only happening on her hips alone, then more and more often have a child for some reason hipik Mikel increasingly enlarged. And after giving birth to her fourth child the width of this woman’s waist reaches 8 feet and makes her name listed in Guinness World Records as the widest hip woman in the world. In the medical world the disorder is called lipedema.

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Living With Lipedema

After receiving the diagnosis of Lipedema, all heads turn to the Internet for the glory answers of what, how, and the why. And of course, who else? You view minimal reporting from doctors and remind yourself, “That’s probably why my family doctor thought I had painful cellulite.” Yes, you are shocked, and agree to never return to a doctor who believes in such falseness. By the way, we did our research and indeed, there is no such thing as painful cellulite.

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Kim Kardashian Does not have Lipedema

As a physician who diagnoses and treats lipedema, I was very concerned and disappointed in the misunderstandings and incorrect information put forward in recent National Enquirer magazine story, “Kim’s bubble butt is going to Burst”. Not only does this article’s highly exaggerated title reflect a clickbait falsehood rooted in myth and misinformation, the many claims made by the article are also completely false and highly irresponsible.

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Kim’s Bubble Butt Is Going To Burst

Bottom-Heavy Kim Kardashian is battling an incurable butt disease – that could lead to her lower limbs exploding in a bloated mass of fat!

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Lipedema Causing Limbs to Explode!

I saw the articles about Kim Kardashian having lipedema, what I didn’t see was that the National Enquirer claimed that her “lower limbs could explode in a bloated mass of fat.”

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