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Lipedema At-Home Treatments

As awareness of lipedema spreads throughout the medical community, many different treatment options have been devised to help combat this disease. Though it is not fully understood what causes lipedema, it is still possible to provide patients with relief from its symptoms – lipedema causes pain and swelling, in addition to the accumulation of fat. At present, liposuction has proven to be the most effective treatment for stemming the progression of this disease, and you can read more about that here

However, surgical procedures are not always feasible for those suffering from Lipedema, and non-surgical, more conservative treatments are the only option for many. If that’s the case for you, we’ve outlined several different ways to cope with the side effects with the hope of slowing progression. 

Nutrition & Supplements – Your diet has a direct influence on the inflammatory response in your body. We provide helpful lists of foods to avoid to reduce inflammation and supplements that may help ease painful symptoms of lipedema. We also encourage a low-carb diet in order to keep insulin levels as low as possible, because insulin is a hormone which stimulates adipose tissue growth. 

Exercise – Exercising is one of the most effective ways of improving health and has many benefits for lipedema patients. Exercise helps to burn fat, as well as increase flexibility and mobility, which are all key for living with lipedema.

Lymph Drainage & Massage – Stimulating your lymphatic system is key to curbing the progress of lipedema. Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDC) consists of many components to help increase the flow through the lymph nodes in order to allow your body to filter out waste, dead cells, excess proteins, and toxins. Lymph fluid contains multiple inflammatory promoters and likely drives the progression of lipedema.

Compression – Worn over the affected limb or limbs, compression garments help to improve the flow of fluid, including blood and lymph fluids. The added pressure helps to prevent swelling in the limb also provides slightly improved healing due to the increased blood flow. 

Dry Brushing & Vibration – Dry brushing and whole-body vibration exercises have been shown to help with lymphatic drainage, improve swelling in some cases, and help reduce fat storage. Long-term effects of these practices can even help strengthen the immune system for an overall healthier body. 

Lymphatic Yoga & BreathingThe lymphatic system differs from the blood circulatory system in that it does not have a “pump” to move the lymphatic fluids back to the bloodstream. Because of this, good lymph flow depends on proper joint and muscle activity, especially true if the lymphatic system is compromised (like in lipedema). Individuals suffering from lipedema can receive a  huge benefit when engaging in deep breathing exercises.

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