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Body Vibration & Dry Brushing for Lipedema & Relieving the Symptoms

While there is no permanent cure to treat lipedema, there are a variety of options you can utilize to manage its symptoms. Limb heaviness and tenderness are often caused by lymphatic congestion. Lymph drainage massage, compression garments, and pump therapy are effective and popular nonsurgical options to improve lymphatic congestion and its symptoms. Another great way to manage your lipedema symptoms is through body vibration and dry brushing for lipedema. These alternative options can help circulate the lymph fluids in your body and provide much needed relief. Take a look at how these options can help your lipedema management:

Whole Body Vibration

Improve your lymphatic drainage with whole body vibration. This treatment option is able to reduce your fat storage and help with symptoms such as swelling. Whole body vibration is provided on a vibration platform that will gently vibrate your entire body, letting lymphatic fluid flow directly where it needs to. A multitude of devices can help provide this great relief in a short and simple treatment.

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Dry Brushing

Our lymphatic system lies just below the surface of our skin, letting brushing techniques effectively provide relief. One technique, dry brushing, is able to provide plenty of relief with a brush made of soft bristles. The brush is applied without water, give its name credible meaning, in long and gentle strokes. These strokes are applied everywhere on the body with the exception of your face. The goal of each stroke is to move your skin tissue towards your heart and neck starting from your neck before moving up. Dry brushing is able to provide these forms of relief: stimulate your lymph system, move your venous blood, improve surface circulation, exfoliate your skin, strengthen your immune system, and improve the overall look of your skin.

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Treating Your Lipedema

As mentioned, dry brushing and whole body vibration are just a few of the several different therapies that are effective in reducing your symptoms of lipedema. Pain and swelling from lipedema can become almost unbearable without the proper treatment in place. If you have been diagnosed with lipedema and looking to receive the care you deserve, make sure to partner with the appropriate physician. Dr. Wright leads a highly trained team who have some of the best knowledge on working with lipedema. Even if you are unsure if you have lipedema, make sure to reach out to his team and see which options you have. You are not alone in the fight against lipedema.