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Common Myths About Lipedema 2019

Lipedema is one of the most misunderstood medical conditions in the practice of medicine. A lipedema diagnosis can take months if you do not have a knowledgeable physician to help you along the way. In fact, most information on the web points to the common misdiagnoses of lipedema instead of factual information. To help you better understand lipedema, here are some common myths surrounding the disease lipedema in 2019 that are simply not true:

Lipedema is NOT Obesity

Most patients have been told incorrectly that their lipedema is in fact just obesity. This misconception can be painfully frustrating and not encourage you down the right path. Some physicians simply do not have the knowledge or understanding of what lipedema entails. It does not help that research information and general knowledge continues to be scarce. There is quite a bit about lipedema that we do not know, such as its primary cause. However, lipedema is now much easier to differentiate from obesity, including correlations of hormonal changes in the body.

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Simple to Treat

If you are misdiagnosed with obesity, you may be told that simple diet and exercise will help alleviate your symptoms. That cannot be further from the truth. No individual diagnosed with lipedema will be able to reduce their symptoms of lipedema this way alone. While diet and exercise will help maintain your weight, it requires more significant treatments. The most common form of lipedema treatment can involve wearing compression garments and manual lymphatic drainage massages. Surgical treatments such as liposuction are also available to reduce the fat tissue buildup, but this is more invasive, resulting in longer recovery times. There is no simple way to treat lipedema.

Develops Only in Your Legs and Thigs

While most lipedema patients will experience a fat tissue buildup around their legs and thighs, these are not the only impacted areas. Lipedema can also impact your abdomen, upper arms, and even your chest. Most patients will notice the onset of lipedema start with the legs but move further up the body during later stages of the condition.

Do Not Be Alone with Your Lipedema in 2019

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