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Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lipedema

Living with lipedema and lymphedema can be difficult and impose limitations of your daily life. These disorders stem from impaired lymphatic systems that are unable to have proper drainage that in turn create difficult symptoms to live with. You may know that lipedema mostly impacts the legs and bottom half of the body due to this lymphatic system impairment. Fortunately, symptoms of both lipedema and lymphedema can be treated with a variety of relief methods. More severe symptoms can be targeted with complete decongestive therapy, also known as CDT. This incredible technique allows physicians to improve lymph fluid drainage through a variety of factors.

What is CDT – Complete Decongestive Therapy?

As the name implies, CDT is a form of decongestive therapy that will help alleviate your symptoms of lipedema and lymphedema. CDT uses a variety of therapy techniques that will help create lymph drainage. This allows your lymphatic system to be properly drained and get rid of any buildup. This fluid buildup is effectively creating the difficult symptoms of your condition. The actual lymph drainage massage is conducted through various exercises and stretches. This allows each patient to be more flexible and naturally moves fluid around in the body. Compression garments are also used; when worn, they can help prevent lymph fluid from building up again. These compression garments are available in a variety of grades and can be tailored to your individual needs.

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How Effective Is It?

While the efficacy of CDT can vary per patient it is typically very effective in dealing with a variety of symptoms related to lipedema and lymphedema. Most pronounced cases have seen weight loss of 110 pounds and reduced the volume of liquid in the patient’s legs by 40%. CDT can be even more effective been paired with additional treatments for a Complete Decongestive Therapy. CDT can even help those with generalized edema and lipo-lipedema. Most patients can have their swelling and pain reduced and increase the strength of their capillaries. CDT is not the most effective treatment when the patient is not experiencing swelling as one of the symptoms for lipedema or lymphedema.

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Seeking out treatment today can help you reduce your symptoms of lipedema. Complete Decongestive Therapy is available from many cosmetic physicians including our own Dr. Wright. Free consultations are typically available and can help you better understand your potential treatment plan. Contact us today!