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Diosmin for Lipedema

Diosmin is a flavonoid extract made from orange peels, which has been used to treat vein conditions for decades in Europe. In Europe it is most commonly sold under the brand name of Daflon. When used to treat vein disease, Diosmin helps reduce inflammation along vein walls in people with chronic venous insufficiency. Specifically, it decreases leucocyte, or white blood cell activation migration and adhesion, decreases capillary permeability, and stimulated lymphatic flow. When Diosmin is infused intravenously, it results in a nearly 200% increase in measured lymphatic flow. On the clinical side, patients taking Diosmin report decreased leg heaviness, decreased leg swelling, and decreased leg tenderness.

In the United States, Diosmin is sold under the brand name Vasculera, which is available in pharmacies by prescription from a physician. The Vasculera brand name has been approved by the FDA as a medical food. Diosmin is also available as a supplement without a prescription via the internet; however, there is a greater chance purity or quality issues with supplements purchased on the internet. If you are purchasing over the internet, exercise caution and purchase from a reputable website.

Based on these studies and my experience prescribing to patients, I recommend Diosmin as part of an overall conservative management treatment plan for lipedema and lymphedema.



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