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Lipedema Awareness Month

Each year the country stops and takes a month to give more awareness to lipedema and those who have been diagnosed with it. June has been designated as Lipedema Awareness Month and has been observed for several years now. Take a look at what you should know about his important month each year:

History of Lipedema

When observing Lipedema Awareness Month, it is important to understand the start of lipedema itself. Lipedema was first recognized in 1940 by Mayo Clinic physicians Dr. Edgar Hines and Dr. Edgar Allen. They specifically identified the fat tissue that typically develops in the legs and occasionally arms for those diagnosed with lipedema. Even with the condition having been identified for 80 years, we still do not know everything there is to know about its cause.

Lipedema Awareness Month

Lipedema Awareness Month helps to identify lipedema for those who were not familiar with it before. Several different non-profit organizations currently offer education and research into understanding lipedema further. Become more aware of what is currently being done in this field and help those who are currently researching possible causes and cures for lipedema. One great organization to which you can donate is The Lipedema Project. You can also attend online and in-person programs to help you handle living with lipedema. Having a community behind you can make it much easier to deal with this disease.

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Fat Disorders Research Society Conference

Each year during Lipedema Awareness Month, the Fat Disorders Research Society put on their annual conference to help education those with lipedema and discuss current trends related to it. Panels are led by some of the top clinicians in the field can cover topics such as managing pain, getting emotional support, helping your lymphatic flow, and much more. Additional panels will show findings from current research into lipedema and what they mean for the future. Unfortunately, this year’s Fat Disorders Research Society Conference has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis. However, start planning today if you are interested in next year’s set of events that will be announced in the following months.

Always Stay Up to Date

Participating in Lipedema Awareness Month is always important, but so is staying knowledgeable about lipedema at all times. Lipedema.Net along with Dr. Wright will continue to offer you everything you need to know about lipedema from research to current treatments being offered. Let us help you live easier with lipedema.

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