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Lipedema Awareness

Lipedema awareness is at an all-time low and only a small portion of the United States population even knows what it is. This small portion even includes those in the medical field! A lot of times, patients will go from doctor to doctor, and no one can tell them what is wrong. Unfortunately for women affected by lipedema, many are misdiagnosed as being obese if the area affected is around the abdomen, rather than the legs or arms, which is where it is more commonly concentrated. Because of this misdiagnosis, many patients are told to simply lose weight. Unfortunately, lipedema fat is resistant to weight loss, and failed attempts at losing weight can lead to depression and social isolation in patients. Read more about lipedema awareness below!

Lipedema Awareness

Despite it being so obscure, lipedema is more common than we think. About 16 million American women alone are affected by it. That’s 10% of American Women! Lipedema does not always cause much of a disability, but for some, it can be disabling and can lead to very serious complications and even death. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for this disease, and if treated early, many serious complications can be avoided.

Lipedema Awareness Lipedema Awareness

Channel 2: January 2017

Dr. Wright, with the help of his staff and patients, has been campaigning to spread lipedema awareness. He gives talks and presentations to many interested medical professionals, in order to increase awareness to the front lines of those that can and are able to help. Through making appearances on programs such as Fox 2 News and the local news station KPLR Channel 11, he has been able to spread Lipedema awareness to more than just the medical community. Social Media is also playing a large role in being able to increase Lipedema awareness, as well as being able to work with local media venues.

Spread Lipedema Awareness

The more people that are able to reach out and share their knowledge about Lipedema, the more people that can come together and help prevent it and save lives. Spread lipedema awareness and find more updates here.

Dr. Wright is very dedicated to making sure that more people are aware of the disease. As he is simply one man, he cannot do it alone. Hopefully, with the help of family, friends, patients, and those who read this page, the knowledge can be shared with many of those who don’t know where to turn. Many National organizations are working to share awareness of this horrible disorder. Dr. Wright presented at the first World Congress on Lipedema, which was held in October 2023 in Potsdam, Germany. We ask that anyone who can read this page, check out some resources, and spread the word! It’s just possible that you can help save a life, too!

For more information on Lipedema please visit for some valuable information. Find out about Lipedema myths here.


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