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Specialized Liposuction Prevents Lipedema Progression

Lipedema is an underdiagnosed condition that roughly impacts 16 million women in the United States each year. Symptoms of lipedema include the development of fat tissue and more extreme symptoms like aggressive pain and swollen skin. Lipedema can be identified by a disproportionate buildup of fat tissue in the lower half of the body. While there is no cure for lipedema, there are recommended treatment options that can help you alleviate some of these symptoms and prevent further lipedema progression.

Specialized Liposuction Can Help You

Most lipedema treatment options will start with more conservative measures such as dieting and wearing compression sleeves. However, if you are experiencing more severe symptoms of lipedema, tumescent liposuction may be needed. Individuals who have experienced the later stages of lipedema may be experiencing severe pain that can disrupt your daily life. The best part of tumescent liposuction is that it avoids general anesthesia and laser or radio frequency techniques. These treatments are great for traditional liposuction but can devastate your lymphatic system. Instead, a local tumescent anesthesia is used that greatly reduces the risk of any complications.

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How Does It Work

Tumescent liposuction will cause your skin to firm up for over half an hour allowing surgeons to drain the treated area. This time frame allows them to be symmetrical with the treatment on both the arms and legs. Additional drainage will be done over the following weeks after the treatment is completed for maximum results.

Post-Surgery Expectations

As with any surgical procedure, you will require several weeks of rest to fully heal from tumescent liposuction. However, most surgeons use minimally invasive techniques to minimize the length of rest needed. Expect to have your incisions fully healed within two weeks. You will be asked to wear compression sleeves for at least four weeks but will be able to do low impact movements soon after the procedure is completed. Tumescent liposuction has been reported to increase the quality of life for patients and reduce symptoms of lipedema, including bruising, pain, sensitivity, pressure, and mobility impairments. Follow-up treatments may be needed but approximately one third of all tumescent liposuction patients report they only needed one treatment to achieve wanted results.

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Of course, the best results from tumescent liposuction start with finding a trained surgeon to handle your procedure. Dr. Wright has extensive experience with tumescent liposuction and the treatment of lipedema. Schedule your free consultation today and see how you can alleviate your symptoms of lipedema. Contact us now!