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Water Assisted Liposuction


In the past, liposuction was thought of as a major surgery only available to the privileged few. Additionally, recovery time for liposuction was exhaustively long, taking months upon months to heal and actually see the results of the surgery. Public opinion of liposuction has been improving in a positive way in recent years thanks to new advancements in the field of cosmetic surgery.

New and improved liposuction techniques have opened the door for many more patients to experience the body sculpting benefits of liposuction. One of the most important liposuction advancements, especially for patients suffering from lipedema, is the water lipo assisted technique. Water-assisted liposuction offers all the benefits of traditional liposuction but because it is more gentle and causes less injury to the connective tissue it offers unique advantages.

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Water Lipo Technique

The water-assisted liposuction technique (WAL) is widely thought to be the gentlest of all liposuction options, and it’s all thanks to its unique approach to fat removal. While WAL does use tumescent fluid, just like the tumescent technique, WAL changes the way fat is dislodged from the surrounding tissue. Water-assisted liposuctions use a pressure spray of tumescent fluid to dislodge the fat from the connective tissue, rather than utilizing a cannula and suction.

Thanks to the water pressure dislodging the fat instead, WAL does not cause unnecessary trauma to the area. This, combined with the use of local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia, allows water assisted lipo to be very gentle on the body and have a short recovery time for patients.

Benefits for Lipedema Patients

Lipedema is a fat disorder that causes disproportionate fat buildup in the extremities, most often the legs. This fat often creates a “two-body syndrome” in the patient, where their upper and lower bodies can have a large difference in size. Lipedema also causes feelings of heaviness, swelling, and at advanced stages, pain and even secondary lymphedema. Because it is important to avoid damaging the lymphatics, water-assisted liposuction is the perfect technique to treat lipedema symptoms. The gentle removal of the excess fat helps to alleviate pain without causing additional trauma to the area.


 Lipedema Treatment Near Me

If you suffer from lipedema, or if you’re just thinking about liposuction as an option to get rid of troublesome fat, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon to see how water-assisted liposuction or any kind of lipedema treatment near me can help. WAL will have you feeling better fast, all without a long recovery time. Don’t hesitate – call today, because timing is important!


*Individual results may vary


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