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Where Does Lipedema Fat Accumulate

For decades, Lipedema has been a poorly understood condition that continues to impact the lives of millions of women. Since symptoms were first identified, Lipedema has been believed to only affect the legs and buttocks area for women. While these areas are most commonly to be impacted by Lipedema, other areas of the body can also develop fat Lipedema tissue. Recent literature has shed light on how Lipedema is not believed to be a bilateral condition that targets the lower body disproportionately but can still develop anywhere on the body from the head to calves. Patiens may experience weight gain and edema disproportionately in different areas, although the side effects of pain, swelling, lobules, nodules, decreased mobility, and bruising (to name a few) are reported in all areas impacted. 

Head to Shoulders

Your face and neckline areas are the rarest locations for Lipedema fat accumulation. Research studies have found that Lipedema develops across three separate stages where changes in the skin and Lipedema tissue are seen. Most women from this study did not experience fat accumulation around the cranium or posterior neck. More common areas that did see fat accumulation are below the shoulder line or anterior chest where approximately 37% of the women in the study showed Lipedema fat. Anterior simply means that the area can be seen when facing the front of the Lipedema body when standing straight.

Upper Body Lipedema Fat


Another area that does not see as much fat accumulation on average is the upper body including the torso, abdomen, and arms. However, over 90% of women will see lipedema fat accumulation around the inner elbow area, anterior forearm, and anterior arm.



Similar reports were also included for the ribcage and abdomen in the study. The area where fat accumulation was seen the least was the hand with only 22% of the women experiencing Lipedema fat there.


Lower Lipedema Body Fat

Perhaps widely known, Lipedema fat more often accumulates around the lower body including the thighs and buttocks, but the term Lipedema ankles isn’t rare either. Women will often see the majority of their fat in these areas. However, they can also commonly find fat accumulation around the inner knee and backside of their leg. The area where fat is least likely to develop is the backside of the foot with only 6% of women experiencing this, and as rare as it sounds, Lipedema ankles are also possible.


Lipedema ankles

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