Pneumatic Compression Pumps

For many people who suffer from lipedema or lymphedema, the symptoms can be uncomfortable and difficult to manage. Lymphedema causes fluid buildup, especially in the limbs, due to the lymphatic system’s inability to properly drain the fluid back into the core. Certain therapy methods, including use of compression garments and Complete Decongestive Therapy, have been shown to be effective at treating lymphedema (and in many cases, lipedema). One option patients have to manager their own symptoms at home is pneumatic compression pumps.

How They Work

Pneumatic compression pumps are a great at-home solution for patients suffering from lipedema (British Spelling: Lipoedema) or lymphedema. Following the same principles as Complete Decongestive Therapy, pneumatic compression pumps are devices that mimic the massage techniques used in manual lymphatic drainage. An intermittent pneumatic compression device (IPC) is worn on the affected limb and activated to help push retained fluids back towards the core of the body. These devices let patients who may have difficulty or are unable to visit a doctor’s office often still find relief from their symptoms.

Benefits of Pneumatic Compression Pumps

There are many benefits to having your own pneumatic compression pump. If you have compression stockings to help mitigate symptoms from lymphedema, but they aren’t providing enough relief, an intermittent pneumatic compression device can help you get daily treatment. Combating lymphedema involves a constant focused effort to see results, and an IPC helps you to keep up with treatments at home, without having to visit the doctor’s office often.

Complete Decongestive Therapy often utilizes IPC devices to assist in the treatment of patients. CDT treatments are very effective at treating extreme levels of lymphedema, and IPC devices help patients to continue their treatment at home and keep their lymph fluid from rebuilding in the affected limbs.

Consider an IPC Device Today

If you’re having issues controlling your lymphedema symptoms, talk to your doctor about pneumatic compression pumps today. These useful devices can help you alleviate symptoms at home using the same principles as decongestive therapy massage used by top physicians. Schedule a consultation today to see how an IPC device could help you overcome the issues caused by lymphedema.

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