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Lipedema Coverage Loses Against UnitedHealthcare

No matter how much research continues to support the proper diagnosis and identification of lipedema, there is still opposition in the medical community, including from insurance companies for lipedema insurance coverage. Lipedema is a very real and present condition that affects millions of individuals throughout the world every year. If you have been diagnosed with lipedema or face the challenge of finding a proper diagnosis, you’re no doubt concerned with receiving effective treatment and even how to pay for that treatment. A recent court win by UnitedHealthcare seems to have made this task even more difficult.

Lack of Lipedema Insurance Coverage

Lipedema is not a temporary issue but instead a lifelong condition that will impact your way of life. Treatments can end up being pricey if you do not have the proper medical coverage. Certain insurance companies continue to fight against coverage for certain treatments, stating they are not required or necessary. If you have lipedema, you know full well how necessary it is to reduce swelling and pain in your affected limbs. Some insurance companies may not even provide coverage at all by claiming it to be a pre-existing condition.

Recently, UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company was able to defeat a proposed class action lawsuit that claimed their coverage did not include proper lipedema treatment. This is a huge loss for the lipedema community. It is imperative that insurance companies utilize the available lipedema research and cover costs of the necessary treatments.

Difficulty with a Proper Diagnosis

Lipedema is a condition that many people, including some physicians, refuse to acknowledge. Physicians will claim that there is not enough research to support the identification of lipedema or that it is just obesity. Lipedema patients know this is not just obesity; the subcutaneous fat tissue associate with lipedema is nearly impossible to reduce with your standard diet and exercise. The medical community as a whole needs to understand this condition better, and Dr. Wright continually advocates for improved education regarding lipedema.

Trust the Professionals in the Field

Even with all the challenges presented by lipedema, there are those who you can trust. Dr. Wright continues to strive for better education, research, and coverage for the lipedema community. Do not let these challenges bring you down even further; let Dr. Wright and his expert team help you to reduce the symptoms of lipedema and live your life. Dr Wright can help find the right procedure to help manage your lipedema symptoms, such as lymphatic drainage massage. Don’t let lipedema take over your life; contact us today!