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Lymphedema Treatment Act

Currently, most of the supplies needed to manage lipedema and lymphedema are not covered by Medicare. Compression garments, donning devices and wraps, which are critical for the proper care and management of these diseases are not covered except when caused by cancer treatment. These garments are quite expensive and need to be replaced as often as every six months. The lymphedema can be just devastating when caused by an inherited condition as is the case of lipedema or an infection. If lymphedema is not properly controlled by compression garments it progress and spiral into a progressively disabling condition.

The Lymphedema Treatment act will improve coverage for lymphedema from any cause from Medicare. Other insurance will follow Medicare lead. This legislation is critical for improving the health and lives of patients who suffer from lymphedema. There is much to do. Please follow these links to learn how you can contact your representative in the US Congress and Senate. Also, learn how to promote awareness for this important cause through social media.